Join the Club

The Bonsai Culture Group is Malta's only Bonsai club. Primarily the club seeks to inform the general public about the art of bonsai and secondly trains its members on the basic and advanced techniques of bonsai training. The club organises meetings regularly on Thursdays between 18:30 hrs and 19:30 during which lectures and workshops are held. Members are encouraged to bring their bonsai trees with them and with the help of the experienced members are helped to shape and enhance their tree. The club also organises several exhibitions and activities. The main exhibition of the club is held annually around June.

The club is made up of over 80 members and is led by the Committee headed by Mr. Paul DeBono as president and Dr. Alfred Grech as the General Secretary. Bonsai Culture Group is an association with a published statute. Membership is on an annual basis and members are asked to pay an annual fee of Lm 6 (€13.98) for a single person and Lm 8 (€ 18.63) for a couple. If you are interested in joining the association, come to one of our meetings every thursday at 18:30 hrs at Project House - Ministry of Resources and Infrastructure in Floriana where we meet for lectures and workshops about bonsai.

If you want to become a member of the Bonsai Culture Group you can come to one of our Thursday meetings and if you like what you see you can pay your membership to the person responsible. If you want to start receiving information from us about our events and activities please fill in your details on the Contact Form

Directions to get to Project House in Floriana:
Going towards Valletta you take a left at the war memorial, drive up and pass by the Phoenicia Hotel. Take the first turning on your left and enter the parking area of Belt is-Sebh, take a right turn at the end of the road and a left turning which brings you to the parking exit just outside the exit you will find a building to your left with wooden doors. Should you need further directions call Claude Sciberras on 79470847