Driftwood Master Kevin Willson in Malta

April 2012

This year the BCG will be celebrating the official opening of its clubhouse in Notre Dame street, Floriana. As part of the celebrations the BCG has invited a highly regarded Master in the art of bonsai. His name is Kevin Willson, and he is from the UK.

Kevin Willson has been into bonsai for these last 30 years. He is a pioneer in driftwood style both in the UK and in Europe as well. The latter fact has made Kevin the target of Bonsai Culture Group, and thus to invite him over to Malta. He will be doing two workshops, focusing mostly on deadwood techniques. These workshops will be held in the garden adjacent to the BCG’s clubhouse on Monday 18th and Tuesday 19th of June. Kevin will arrive in Malta on Sunday the 17th of June. Members are invited to attend these two workshops and bring trees on which Kevin can work.

A bonsai needs to appear old as the impression of old age of a tree intrigues the mind. Old age lends more the sense of magic and mystique of the bonsai tree. Driftwood techniques can enhance this ‘great age illusion’. Indeed, these may entail making elaborate carved driftwood effects and incorporating hollowed trunks. The effects will then tell a story of the tree’s journey through time. Bringing Kevin Willson to show us these techniques is another logical step in the BCG’s journey through time.

Kevin Willson runs the ‘Yamadori School of Bonsai’ from his base in Spain and travels the world, teaching and demonstrating. He runs a series of workshops in the UK for his home grown students and provides residential courses at his home in Spain. Kevin is also involved in some international projects such as the ‘East Meets West Bonsai Exhibition -2011’ where he has taken on the role of an ‘Artistic Director’.

The following are two links about Kevin Willson’s work. The first one takes you to his ‘Yamadori School of Bonsai’ and the using the second, you can enjoy a series of 5 youtube videos showing how Kevin transforms a large Olive, giving it what he calls a ‘Majorcan Olive look’. Indeed, Kevin has been inspired by the wild ancient Spanish olives.

BCG welcomes Kevin Willson to Malta so that he can show us all, the way forward into the driftwood style.