Malta - Sicily Bonsai Twinning

The Bonsai Culture Group of Malta and the Bonsai Club Contea Di Modica of Sicily have started a twinning exercise between the two islands and the two clubs to continue to learn more about bonsai in general and particularly about bonsai culture in the Mediterranean region.

The two clubs have agreed to start the twinning exercise as from this year with both clubs being invited to attend eachother's annual exhibition and to exhibit a few trees in eachother's exhibitions. The first opportunity for contact between the two clubs was on the 27th of April 2008 when 34 Maltese members attended the annual Modica Exhibition. The Exhibition coincided with two other major events in Modica, the feast of St. George and the Chocolate Festival. The Bonsai Culture Group exhibited two trees. The winner of last year's local exhuibition, Twanny Aguis' Pistaccia Lentiscus and a Gingko Biloba by Paul and Margaret Debono. The Exhibition was inaugurated by Margaret Debono from the Bonsai Culture Group.

Below are some photos of the visit. Members who want to send photyos may do so by attaching images in the contact form.

To find out more about the Bonsai Club Contea Di Modica of Sicily please click here on the website one can see the full programme.

Leaving Malta Sun Rise Stranded in Plozzallo
The boss Modica St. George Church
bougainvilla Juniper Enthusiastic Photographers
Rosemary Juniper  
Juniper Dr. Grech giving reasoned opinion Carrob
Malta's Pistaccia The winning Olive The Exhibition hall
Visit to the Modica bonsai club house
Meal and visit to taste Modica's chocolate
St. George's feast in full glow
St. George's Statue The Church's Interior
A Gift From Malta Prize Giving  
Modica Tired! Thumbs up!




BCG Goes to Palermo

Below are some photos of a recent visit to the Bonsai Exhibition in Palermo, Sicily. Click on teh images to enlarge: